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Sunday, 31 July 2011 13:01


Headstart Nursery and Primary School and Headstart Learning Centre, Chennai have been functioning   for the past fourteen years. The schools follow activity oriented teaching where every teacher is committed to the methodology that the promoters have been supportive of. The schools have a high teacher to student ratio which makes it convenient to pursue this path as also help in making the methodology child friendly and child centric.

Unique strength of the organisation lies in, in-house development of teaching aids and  exposing students to different learning styles which involve projects, research, field trips, surveys, and so on, in the learning process. Every one of its teachers is motivated to be activity oriented and innovative.

As a result, Headstart has constantly attracted favourable attention from the society, the teaching fraternity and the media. This also culminated in Headstart being acclaimed as one of the ten most innovative schools of India in a survey conducted by the popular national weekly magazine “The Week.”

Along with activity oriented methods, the school has been following Phonic books created by its founder, Ms. Sudha Mahesh for teaching English and Tamil   and Mathematics books for primary classes written by her. We largely follow thematic approach and have developed several techniques for assessing children’s application and analytical skills.

Headstart is committed to inclusive education.  Apart from providing opportunities for the rich and the poor alike,(the institution supports educational needs fully or partially for about 15 children each year) the institution encourages children with different learning disabilities such as autism, dyslexia, hearing/speech/vision/physical impairment in getting mainstreamed whenever possible. Currently children with learning difficulties form around 15% of the total strength.

More information about our schools as well as about our philosophy and methodology can be obtained from our web site: www.headstartschool.org