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Saturday, 11 December 2010 15:04


General Question

Q: How many categories of course material is available in Tamil Digest program ?

A: Tamil Digest offers three different types of course material categories and they are Basic, Intermediate and Advanced.


Q: How many total levels are available within each course materials?

A: There are a total number of 16 levels of course materials available within the Tamil Digest web site. The different levels are grouped in the different categories as follows: Basic (5 Levels), Intermediate (5 Levels), Advanced (6 Levels).


Q: How long does it take to start playing the video course material in the Tamil Digest Online streaming website?

A: Usually in a few seconds. The Tamil Digest Video streaming plays as soon as your system allows, depending on your computer and your Internet connection bandwidth.


Q: Why does a streaming video stutter, re buffer or skip unexpectedly when I watch constantly?

A: If your broadband connection isn't fast enough, streaming movies may stutter or need to re buffer during playback.

You may be able to improve the playback experience if you:

-     Reduce the bandwidth consumed on your Internet connection by stopping any other video, music, online gaming or online file sharing applications running on any Internet-connected computers in your home or office.
-     Connect your computer to your Internet router via an ethernet cable rather than via WiFi.
-     If you connect your computer via WiFi, be sure to locate it close enough to your WiFi hub to receive a strong wireless signal.
-     Please contact your Internet Service provider for more information regarding the bandwidth issues.


Q: What do I do about bad video quality while watching video courses on my PC ?

A: Firstly, please ensure you have a broadband connection to the Internet, not a dial-up connection. Then check carefully to see that no other devices or software in your system are consuming up that bandwidth. We recommend at least a 3.0-Mbps connection speed for high-quality video and at least 1.5 Mbps for uninterrupted basic-quality video.

If your screen goes blank, green or another color, without showing video, you probably need to update your PC's video card drivers; please contact your computer or video card manufacturer for further instructions.


Q: Is there a limit to the number of times that I can watch the same video instantly ?

A: No. As long as you have an unlimited subscription plan, you can watch as often and as many times as you like.


Q: How do I rejoin Tamil Digest subscription?

A: It's easy. Just log on using your previous account's username and password and click on Subscribe button for the Video course material and indicate that you are interested. Since we have all of your information, it is easy for us to restart your subscription with a mere single click.


Billing Question

Q: What are the different types of subscription services available?

A: Tamil Digest customers can either subscribe to “Monthly” or “Yearly” options.


Q: What day of the month will I get billed for the Monthly subscription option?

A: You are automatically charged once a month for your Tamil Digest subscription on the monthly anniversary of your first charge. For example, if your first charge was on the 23rd of the month, every subsequent monthly charge will occur on each 23rd of the month.


Q: What day of the Year will I get billed for the Yearly subscription option ?

A: You are automatically charged once a year for your Tamil Digest subscription on the yearly anniversary of your first charge. For example, if your first charge was on the May 23rd of 2010, every subsequent yearly charge will occur on each May 23rd of the forthcoming year.


Q: What precisely does “monthly” or “yearly” billing means?

A: It means that you are automatically charged once a month or year for your Tamil Digest subscription based on the option that was chosen.


Q: Can I change my billing date?

A: Tamil Digest members are always billed on the monthly anniversary of the day they were first billed. The only way to change your billing date is to cancel your Tamil Digest subscription and rejoin on the date you would like to be accordingly billed.


Q: Can I cancel my Tamil Digest subscription and get refund of the money?

A: Absolutely yes. You can cancel the monthly subscription any day but you will need to check the TamilDigest Refund Policy for further details. The automated monthly subscription will be stopped from the following month onwards. Please note that if you want to cancel the following year subscription you can do it any time within the previous year. You may cancel your subscription to a monthly or yearly subscription service at any time by contacting our Customer Services team at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it   Or alternatively, call  +1(908)-251-5343.

For more information check the TamilDigest Online Subscription Refund Policy Guidelines .


Q: How do I change my billing information?

A: You can update your billing information any time in your account profile.


Q: How have I been charged? Where can I get a history of my billing?

A: View your billing activities at any time on your account profile page.

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