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Kavya Creative Media Pvt Ltd is a vibrant and promising Media & Entertainment company that has developed an innovatively interesting line of Tamil Language educational platform Tamil Digest for children and adults that are effortlessly fun-based and engaging. The company has been founded by Saravanan Kannan and Arunmani Palani and is registered as a Private Limited Company under Tamil Nadu Government Company Registered Act. Kavya Creative Media Pvt Ltd is a Chennai; India based Media & Entertainment Company which was launched on March 2009. Tamil Digest platform will teach the Tamil language from basic to advanced levels using the English language. It’s the first of its kind of learning process system online. The concept of Tamil teaching experience is done in an unconventional method using an abridged approachable manner by means of various types of games and exercises. Tamil Digest platform is marketed in the USA by Neugen, Inc a New Jersey based Media and Entertainment Company.


Kavya Creative Media Pvt Ltd developed the Tamil Digest product to bring about a solution so that Tamil Language can be taught interactively - predominantly using exercises and games to learn the Tamil language. We simply cannot constrain our children to learn Tamil language; instead we can of easy fun-filled online program create an environment and platform so that they are passionate to learn the Tamil language. Our motto is “Dreams to Reality” that is true if you experience our teaching methods.

Tamil Digest product is targeted mainly to individuals who are Tamil Diaspora living in many parts of the world and also the Tamil speaking communities who live in or outside of Tamil Nadu, India.

Tamil Digest product is offering in total 15 various Levels and each level content ranges for approximately one and half hour high end digital Video content on an average and also comes with electronic or hard copy exercise book. Tamil Digest teaching methods will help any individuals (children or adults) surmount the Tamil Learning experience within six months of duration time depending wholly on the individual’s interest and hard work.

Tamil Digest product has identified three keys to success that are instrumental in the sustainability of the business. Number one is the need to develop creative, educational, interactive teaching methods. The second key is to adopt strict financial controls. The last key to success is the need to listen to customer, effectively creating a feedback mechanism for continual product improvement.

Management Team

The likelihood of success of Kavya Creative Media Pvt Ltd is ensured by its strong management team, led by Saravanan Kannan and Arunmani Palani.

 Saravanan Kannan (Chief Executive Officer) in charge of the product engineering, graduated from the University of Madras with a Master’s in Science Degree. After Master’s Saravanan Kannan went to work for a New Jersey, US based IT company allocating in their software product development department for the last 15 years.

Arunmani Palani (President), the other half of the management team, received his Masters Degree from University of Madras in English Literature. Arunmani Palani has also undergone Masters Program in Film Production in California, USA and has worked in few Hollywood projects. Arunmani Palani is also a freelance Filmmaker and is currently working in the Tamil Film Industry.

Tamil Digest product is destined to succeed due to the remarkable combination of competently seasoned management, excellently creative product development, and the insight to recognize a potentially wonderful market opportunity especially with Tamil Diaspora living in different parts of the world and to promote the Tamil Language and culture worldwide.

Content Owner

TamilDigest content and course material copyrights are owned by Kavya Creative Media Pvt Ltd. The concept were originally developed by one of the best educational institution in Chennai HeadStart Learning Centre.

Sudha Mahesh

The Founder and Dean of the HeadStart Learning Centre and School. More information about the HeadStart Institution can be found in their school website. (http://www.headstartschool.org)


Tamil Digest product has identified to target four different customer segments. The first group is individual customers who can buy the Tamil Digest Online subscription or Online Tutoring which will be telecasted to all the subscribers using the Online/Internet platform using high bandwidth Streaming Video and electronic copy of the exercise book for each levels. The second group is individual customers who are able to view the Tamil Digest content using the Live or Recorded format of Television broadcasting for several weeks and the contents can be separated into multiple segments. The Television audience can view from their favorite TV local channels, Satellite network providers, Video on Demand etc. The third group is individual customers who can purchase the Tamil Digest content in the DVD/VCD format with multiple level groups together or in separate levels along with the exercise book which has different range of games and interactive exercises which is more fun and easy to learn. The fourth group will be individual customers who can view or download the digital video content and the exercise books using subscription method or Video on Demand in their smart phones (Apple iPhone, Blackberry etc) or electronic book (eBook like Kindle, Nook, iPad) for the said various levels.

Intense amount of research work had been utilized for the Tamil Digest product mainly focuses on the type of teaching and the syllabus is followed carefully by a private educational institution in Chennai, India. This fun and easy way of learning the Tamil language has proven to be very successful for many kids and adults. This educational product for learning the Tamil language can be used by any individual who is above five years of age also adults who does not have any prior knowledge in reading, speaking or writing the Tamil language.

Tamil Digest product will be profitable by the end of year one and will have a constant steep increase in sales for the next several years, fundamentally by Strategic Marketing, Advertisements through Television and Online Media, Word of mouth, Educational Institutions, Online retail companies like Amazon, eBay etc, Tamil Sangam's situated in different geographic locations, Tamil Community Organization, Libraries, Tamil events or Media coverage, Tamil Conferences, Social Networking Websites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Orkut etc, Tamil Research Organizations and other Tamil language related organizations and groups.